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Drs. David and Brooke Fleischmann

Patient Testimonials

We value our patients; after all, without you, we would have no reason to be here! See what our patients are saying about Fleischmann Family Dentistry! 


"...Dr. Dave was also fantastic! He fixed my filling quickly and with no pain."

"Super compassionate, friendly, and easy to handle for people with anxiety."

"It is always a pleasure to visit with Dr. Dave and his team."

Great Dentist

Submitted By ANNETTE W
Dave was fast and gave me opportunities to let him know if I was in distress. And I was never in distress during the procedure. The tooth also looks 110% better. It is an excellent efficient office as well.

Great Dentist

I have been going to Fleischmann Family Dentistry for 5 years now, and I have always had a very good experience. They are very professional and also friendly. They explain everything clearly before ever charging for anything. I would definitely recommend this dentist office!

Excellent Service and Staff

Always fun to visit the office and talk with the staff. Everyone is so friendly and personable. They are very gentle with the work they perform as well. :)

Excellent As Always

I had my semiannual cleaning and checkup with Fleischmann Family Dentistry this week. As always, it was an excellent experience. Fleischmann Family Dentistry is an excellent option if you've got a job that doesn't provide much flexibility in terms of start times, or time off, since they have appointments starting at 7:00 a.m. The staff is great at what they do and are super friendly, too.

Love This Place!

Even though Dr. Fleischmann is a Husker, I still wholeheartedly recommend him and his awesome helpers! My family has been well taken care of for many years and have NEVER had a bad experience!

Couldn't Ask for More

My all-time favorite dentist and staff -- and at age 82, I speak from long experience with many dentists/staffs.

A Visit With Shelly

Best place for dentistry in the city of Broomfield. The entire staff is absolutely terrific.

Love Them!

I grew up having a horrible, sadistic dentist, and even though I've had a good dentist for the last ten years, I still have a lot of anxiety going to the dentist. It doesn't help that I'm very prone to cavities. I switched to Dr. Dave after my dentist in Boulder wouldn't call me or get me in for a visit for several days after I called him saying I was in excruciating pain. Dr. Dave got me in twenty minutes later. It turned out the pain was from a tooth that needed a root canal. Dr. Dave sent me to a great endodontist, then helped repair the crown over the root canal tooth. By the time my regular dentist could find time to see me, my tooth was already taken care of. Needless to say, I switched. Dr. Dave and his staff have consistently taken great care of me. If I'm nervous, he'll take the time to talk me through my anxiety. He really cares about his patients and is great at getting you in quick if you are in an emergency. I recommend him to all my friends and neighbors. I highly recommend Dr. Dave if you are nervous at the dentist because he and his staff's warm personality is greatly helping me overcome my fear of the dentist!


Shelly is the best. I have had less problems with my teeth since she has been working with me. It is a great friendly office. Can't think of going anywhere else.

Comfortable and Friendly

I had my first visit to see Dr. Fleischmann last week, and it was a good one. He and his staff were very friendly. Looks like I picked the right dentist!

Love My Dentist

As always, I had a great experience. From Kathy helping me find time that works in my busy schedule to come in to Shelly being so good at her job that I actually find getting my teeth cleaned relaxing to Dr. Fleischmann, who has given us great dental care for years, this is truly an exceptional operation. I brag about my dentist all the time! You guys are awesome!