Facial Esthetics in Broomfield CO

Before & After Botox Injection BroomfieldAs a member of the American Academy of Facial Esthetics, Dr. Brooke is trained in the administration of various injectable medications to help solve esthetic as well as functional concerns related to the perioral region.

Botox Cosmetic ®

Botox Cosmetic ® is a safe, proven and effective nonsurgical treatment used to temporarily reduce the strength of targeted muscle tissues.  As such, it has a variety of uses, both cosmetic and therapeutic.  By reducing muscle contraction, it can virtually erase wrinkles caused by expressive muscle activity, such as frown lines and crow’s feet in the eye and forehead region.  It is also highly effective in treating jaw muscle pain, headaches, and TMJ problems related to clenching and grinding.  To learn more about Botox and whether it is right for you, call to schedule a consultation appointment with Dr. Brooke and/or Juvederm After broomfield cogo to www.BotoxCosmetic.com

Juvederm ®

Juvederm ® is an injectable gel dermal filler used to temporarily “plump up” and add fullness to the lips and other areas around the mouth where moderate to deep wrinkles are present.  Made from hyaluronic acid (a safe, naturally occurring and  biodegradable material that binds water), Juvederm adds volume to areas of the skin that have thinned, creased or begun to sag with age.  Find out more by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Brooke or go to www.Juvederm.com



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