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Are composite resin fillings safer than amalgam (silver) fillings?

The American Dental Association Has Performed Numerous Studies

Because mercury is one of the ingredients in amalgam (silver) fillings, many dental patients are concerned about the safety of their silver fillings. The American Dental Association has performed numerous studies on the safety of silver fillings and has not found any link between these fillings and medical disorders. Additionally, the ADA has stated that because of the way the mercury is bound to the other ingredients in the amalgam, it becomes inactivated and unable to cause harm.

The Advantages of Composite Fillings

Composite fillings do have other advantages over amalgam fillings. Because the composite is the same color as your teeth, the fillings blend right in and are practically invisible. Composites can also protect the structure of your teeth from the inside. Metal fillings can expand and contract with heat and cold, and over time, these minute shifts can loosen the filling. This does not happen with composite fillings.

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