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Being proud of your smile is an essential part of feeling confident. Crooked or unevenly spaced teeth can cause you to feel self-conscious about your smile and how your teeth look. Maybe you've even considered straightening your teeth, but the idea of having to wear bulky metal braces doesn't appeal to you.

You're not alone! Many adults and teens have turned to invisible braces with Invisalign® to straighten their teeth with ease and discretion, and you can too! Dr. Elizabeth Minard is a certified Invisalign® provider in Broomfield, CO, and she can guide you through the process from start to finish at Fleischmann Family Dentistry.

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How Invisible Braces in Broomfield, CO Work

Straightening your teeth with invisible braces may seem too good to be true! However, Invisalign® offers a process that doesn't cause discomfort or require many significant changes to your life.

The way it works is that Dr. Minard will create a personalized treatment plan for you. Invisalign® then uses that plan to develop clear plastic aligners that fit snug and are virtually invisible when you wear them. You'll wear your aligners for two weeks, and then you'll change into the next set of aligners in the series.

The time it takes to complete your treatment varies with each patient's unique needs. Dr. Minard will determine the length and cost of your treatment during your initial Invisalign® evaluation.

And that's it! You'll be enjoying the benefits of a straighter, more beautiful smile in no time with Invisalign® in Broomfield.

How Straighter Teeth Benefit Your Smile

The most significant benefit that invisible braces in Broomfield offer is a genuinely beautiful smile that you are proud to share with other people. Your smile plays an integral role in how confident you feel, and this can positively impact your interactions with other people.

However, there are also benefits that Invisalign® offers that you may not be aware of. Doing an excellent job of brushing and flossing teeth that overlap can be difficult. If you are unable to successfully remove plaque and bacteria from around your teeth and gums, it can build up and increase your chances of developing tooth decay, cavities, and gum disease. Straighter teeth are easier to keep clean and healthy.

Teeth that are misaligned also cause bite misalignment. This can result in uneven wear of your teeth. It can also present problems for your jaw joint (TMJ), which has to compensate during chewing and eating. Problems with your TMJ can become quite painful in some cases, and significantly impact your quality of life.

A straighter smile is not only excellent for your self-esteem but also for your dental health.

Why Choose Invisalign®?

Most people love the fact that Invisalign® is not noticeable since they make aligners out of clear plastic. But invisible braces also offer our patients other wonderful benefits:

  • Comfort: Aligners are smooth and comfortable to wear. There are no wires or brackets to poke at your gums, cheeks, or lips.
  • Efficiency: Treatment with Invisalign® doesn't take any longer than traditional braces, and we base it on your specific needs. We can complete most cases in 12 to 18 months.
  • Removable Aligners: Since you can take your aligners out to eat and brush your teeth, there are no changes required for your diet or to maintain a healthy home care routine during your treatment with Invisalign®.
  • Cost: Invisalign® is typically comparable with the cost of traditional braces, so you don't have to pay much more to straighten your teeth with discretion.

Broomfield, CO dentist, Dr. Minard would love to discuss the benefits of treatment with Invisalign® with you! Contact Fleischmann Family Dentistry today at (303) 465-2341 to schedule an evaluation.

What Happens During Your Invisalign® Evaluation

Invisalign® treatment works well for most patients; however, it can't correct complex bite problems. Dr. Minard uses x-rays, photos, and models of your teeth to determine if Invisalign Gold Provider in Broomfield, COInvisalign® will be the most effective treatment to help you meet your smile goals. If it's decided that invisible braces are not the right treatment for you, she'll discuss some other possible dental procedures that could benefit your smile.

She'll also review both the projected length of your treatment as well as the cost during your evaluation so you can decide if Invisalign® meets your needs. If you decide to move forward with invisible braces with Invisalign®, Dr. Minard will use the information she's gathered to create your customized treatment plan. Once Invisalign® has created your aligners, you'll begin wearing them for two-week intervals before moving on to the next set.

Invisalign® is most effective when you wear your aligners for at least 22 hours per day. However, the great news is that you can take them out for that client presentation, and for eating your meals and brushing your teeth. Just don't forget to put them back in!

Caring for Your Aligners During Invisalign® Treatment

It's important to be aware that your Invisalign® aligners will require some care and cleaning throughout your treatment. Taking measures to properly care for your aligners during your treatment with Invisalign® will ensure that the process goes smoothly and that your smile progresses as planned.

It's a good idea to clean them each time you remove them to avoid plaque or bacteria buildup. You should at least rinse the aligners when you take them out and soak them in a cleaning solution whenever possible. Remember, you want to keep your aligners clean, so they remain clear and unnoticeable.

Also, keeping your teeth clean after meals throughout your treatment is important, so food particles don't collect your aligners. Consider carrying a small toothbrush and mouth rinse with you for those occasions when it's difficult to brush and floss your teeth. A quick rinse with an antibacterial mouth rinse can do wonders!

Carry your Invisalign® case with you to store your aligners in while you have a meal. This protects the aligners from bacteria that could be collected if they just sit on the table, and it also ensures they don't get thrown away with your food trash, which happens a lot since they're clear.

While it's alright to enjoy beverages like coffee, tea, colas, or red wine, remember that these types of beverages can discolor your aligners just as they do your teeth. It is best if you remove your aligners while you're enjoying these drinks. Sticking to water as much as possible throughout your treatment ensures that you don't have to remove your aligners often, which helps you wear them for the required 22 hours per day to keep your treatment progressing on time.

Ready to Learn More About Invisalign® in Broomfield, CO?

If you've been embarrassed about crooked teeth, we invite you to schedule a commitment-free Invisalign® evaluation with Dr. Minard. She loves changing lives with invisible braces, and she'll help you determine if this treatment could work for you.

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