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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Dentures and Partials

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We encourage our patients to ask questions about their dental care. To help you find out more about our services, we've compiled a list of common questions we get about some of our most popular procedures.  If you don't see your question answered here, please feel free to contact our office.  

Dentures and Partials

dentures and partials | fleischmann family dentistry | broomfield, coMost dentures or partials should be replaced approximately every five to ten years.

Dentures Can Become Damaged

Not only can the appliance become damaged and lose its shape over time, but your bite also changes as you get older. Wearing dentures that no longer fit properly can cause discomfort and even sores in your mouth.

Dentures | Fleischmann Family Dentistry | Broomfield, COLike Natural Teeth, Dentures Need Regular Care

Dentures and partials require regular daily care -- just like natural teeth. You should clean your dentures daily with a soft brush and a denture cleansing product. Do not use toothpaste because most toothpaste is abrasive and will scratch your dentures. You will need to clean your entire appliance inside and out.  

When your dentures are removed at night, they should be soaked in water or denture cleansing solution. If you allow your dentures or partials to dry out, they can warp or lose their shape.  

Dentures Require Delicate Care

Dropping your dentures can cause serious damage to them. While you are cleaning your dentures, you may wish to pad the counter with towels just in case.

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