Crowns and Bridges in Broomfield CO

Dental crowns are used to both restore a decayed or damaged tooth and to provide an anchor for a dental bridge.  Dental bridges "fill in the gaps" when you have missing teeth to give you back a full smile.

dental crowns broomfield co

When you have a tooth that is damaged or decayed or need to fill in the gaps left by a missing tooth or teeth, dental crowns and bridges are an excellent option. Dental technology has advanced dramatically in the last few years, and at Fleischmann Family Dentistry, we are proud to offer metal-free restorations to give you a flawless finish.

Metal-Free Dental Restorations at Fleischmann Family Dentistry

Metal-free restorations have significant advantages over other types of crowns and bridges. If you know someone with a crown or bridge that contains metal, you may have noticed that you can identify the restoration by the dull gray line at their gumline. With metal-free crowns and bridges, that line is gone, and the entire restoration piece looks much more natural. Most people will never know that you’ve had restoration work done.

If you have sensitivities or allergies to metal, metal-free restorations are even more important. Metal-free crowns and bridges won’t cause any irritation or swelling in your mouth, and the computer-assisted fabrication system used for these restorations (known as CAD/CAM) allows for a much better fit.

We know that the quality of your restorations is very important to you. You want to have your crowns or bridges created from materials that are guaranteed to be long-lasting and reliable. We want that too. That’s why we only use restoration products that are produced in the United States. We also only trust our restorations to top-of-the-line dental labs.

Dental Crowns

At Fleischmann Family Dentistry, we use dental crowns to help our patients who are dealing with the following dental issues:

  • A tooth that is broken or weakened structurally by decay
  • A worn-down or cracked tooth
  • A tooth that contains a great deal of filling material
  • A tooth that has had root canal therapy

We also use dental crowns as anchors for dental bridges and to cover dental implants. Sometimes, dental crowns are used for a solely cosmetic reason such as when a tooth is severely misshapen or discolored.

Dental crowns require two appointments for placement. At the first appointment, we will shape and file the tooth and then take an impression of your teeth to create a mold to send to our dental lab. You may be fitted with a temporary crown for your comfort. When your crown has come back from the lab, which usually requires about one to two weeks, you will return to our office to have the crown fitted to your tooth.

Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are used to fill in the spaces left by missing teeth. Typically, the bridge uses a crown on each end to anchor the bridge in place. Bridges also require two appointments to place. First, we will shape the anchor teeth for their crowns and take the impressions necessary for the lab to build your crowns and bridge, and you may be placed with temporary crowns or a temporary bridge.

Just like with dental crowns, the dental lab will usually require about one to two weeks to create your restoration. When you come back, the crowns and bridge will be fitted into place. You may need to return to our office one more time so that the fit of your bridge can be checked. If you have any discomfort or if your bite doesn’t feel quite correct, please notify us immediately.

Contact Fleischmann Family Dentistry with any questions about dental crowns and bridges or to schedule your appointment.