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How much recovery time do I need following a tooth extraction?

Tooth Extraction Recovery | Fleischmann Family Dentistry | Broomfield, COEach Tooth Extraction Case is Unique

The total recovery time for a tooth extraction will depend on the tooth that was extracted, how complicated the extraction was, and your overall health. Rest is very important for the healing process.  The exertion that comes from regular activity can disturb the clot that is forming and slow your healing time.

We will give you special aftercare instructions.  Following these instructions will give you the best possible recovery outcomes.  You may also be prescribed medication for pain, swelling, or infection, and it's important that you take these medications as directed.  You will also need to rinse with saline water during the first 24 hours.  

The Healing Process Can Vary

While your swelling should go down in about 48 hours, it may take weeks for the healing process to complete.  Keep in mind that it's not just the wound that needs to heal; your gums and the bone will be healing as well.

If you have questions about your healing following an extraction, please give our office a call.

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